Kazuei Osomatsu Oimatsu *Print* by Hikaru Funyu

Kazuei Osomatsu Oimatsu *Print* by Hikaru Funyu

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297 x 420 mm & limited to 20. Printed on 300gsm smooth white FSC approved paper.

You can’t ride this place in the Toyama prefecture in the winter because of deep snow.

The Daruma street crew are always searching for interesting places to ride. They already filmed it, but a photo wasn’t shot. When I was at Toyama shooting with another rider, Osomatsu wanted to do this again so we could shoot a photo. We probably shot this at 2am and he did it only one time.

—Hikaru Funyu

Packaged and delivered with care using rolled tube.

60% of the profits goes direct to the photographer.

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